Tooth loss is not limited to young children. They lose their milk teeth, which is normal, and grow permanent teeth in their place. Adults can also lose teeth, too, leading to serious consequences which include the loss of ability to chew food and attain proper nutrition. A missing tooth can also result in a sagging face and impaired speech.

Causes of Tooth Loss

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There are many reasons you could lose your teeth, including:

  • Irregular dental check-ups – Not visiting your dentist on a regular basis could result in poor dental health. A dental visit could detect telltale signs of impending problems that you may not notice yourself. The trained eyes of a dentist will be able to spot anything out of the ordinary in your mouth and address it properly.
  • Poor oral hygiene – Not taking good care of your teeth and gums could cause plaque to accumulate on the surface of the teeth, resulting in cavities. Untreated cavities can lead to periodontal disease that destroys the tissues surrounding the teeth and ultimately to tooth loss.
  • Unfilled cavities – Cavities in the teeth must be cleaned out and filled. Failure to do this could result in the formation of pus and the death of the pulp tissue around the tooth. Your dentist may not be able to save the tooth after a certain point.
  • Poor nutrition – Poor nutrition will decrease your body’s resistance to infection in the body, including around your teeth. Decreased calcium levels could lead to tooth loss.
  • Trauma – A strong blow to the mouth or a fall could result in a fracture of the tooth root that may later progress to infection and, ultimately, to tooth loss.
  • Not replacing teeth that are missing – Lost teeth must be replaced by bridges, dentures, or dental implants. Failure to replace lost teeth will result in the displacement of the surrounding teeth, weakening them to the point that they, too, fall out.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol – Smoking and drinking can cause gum disease that could lead to tooth loss.

Tooth loss is usually preventable, but if you do need a specialist for replacing teeth in Davis County, contact a trusted periodontist. For tooth implants in Kaysville, Bountiful, Layton, and more, call our staff at Layton Implants.