Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day approaching. Physical attraction is an important component of any relationship, and dental health figures prominently into the equation. A gorgeous smile can enhance your appearance, but problems such as yellowed teeth or bad breath can have the opposite effect. If you feel good about your smile, you’ll feel more confident, and confidence helps draw others to you.

Smile on Valentines Day

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Here are a few tips for maintaining good oral health for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Brush your tongue, too

Bad breath is a turn-off. Many factors contribute to poor-smelling breath. If you eat a lot of garlic or onion, you may need to cut back. But often, the reasons for bad breath lurk inside the mouth in the form of bacteria. Bacteria can be found on your teeth and gums and on the surface of your tongue. Brush and floss regularly. When you brush, don’t neglect your tongue. If your tongue takes on a yellow shade, it is probably hosting bacteria that should be removed. You can invest in a device called a tongue scraper to help keep your tongue bacteria-free.

Avoid wine, coffee, and cigarettes

Avoid beverages that leave a stain on your teeth. You might love a glass of fine wine with dinner, but too much wine can discolor your pearly whites. In addition to darkening your teeth, alcohol and cigarettes can cause bad breath that will repel others.

Limit sweets

Sweet treats are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, with people giving each other chocolates and other candy to show their affection. Avoid or minimize your intake of treats on Valentine’s Day. If you do splurge, follow up by brushing to remove sugars that foment acid development in your mouth and wear down enamel.

Visit your dentist regularly

A regular consultation with your dentist will help you maintain fresh breath and an appealing smile. The dentist will be able to detect dental problems before they get serious.

If you already have advanced dental problems, such as receding or inflamed gums or tooth loss, visit your prosthodontist in Centerville immediately.