Are you missing teeth? If so, your quality of life may be suffering. You may be hesitant to smile if you have a gap in the front of the mouth. Your missing teeth may even be damaging your mouth as a whole, causing gum disease, discomfort in eating, and a variety of other effects. But perhaps the biggest impact of missing teeth is loss of confidence. You may find yourself unwilling to smile because you are self-conscious about your dental problems.

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

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You can deal with missing teeth through a bridge or dental implants. Note that a bridge is a temporary fix to the problem and may present drawbacks, including causing bad breath, interfering with speech, and more. Many people choose dental implants because they have fewer disadvantages and also because they provide a permanent solution for a missing tooth.

With dental implants, a periodontist or oral surgeon will place an artificial tooth and surgically fuse it into the jawbone. The implant, which is made of titanium, is durable and needs no replacement.

The following are the advantages of dental implants:

  • They are better aesthetically and structurally than bridges and dentures. They stay in place and look like real teeth.
  • They don’t need to be anchored to the adjacent teeth, thus preserving the integrity of the healthy teeth.
  • They build confidence. You can smile with assurance and talk without fear of compromised or altered speech.

The dental implant process starts with the dentist doing a complete examination, which may include X-rays and mouth molds. Next, the dentist can draw up a treatment plan, taking into consideration the number of missing teeth that need replacement and the condition of the jawbone.

It may take several visits to place the implants, but once they are anchored, you can enjoy your beautiful new smile for years to come. If you are a resident of Davis County, you can take care of your missing tooth with a Kaysville periodontist and achieve the smile you’ve been dreaming of.