Your teeth are designed to work together, with each one having a specific function to perform. A missing tooth will put more pressure on the remaining teeth, making them work harder.

missing tooth may jeopardize dental health

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Once your permanent teeth grow in, it’s important that they are all in place and functioning. If you are living with a missing tooth, you are jeopardizing your dental health. Here are some of the problems engendered by a missing tooth:

  • Difficulty in eating – Biting and chewing food becomes difficult and uncomfortable when a tooth is not in its place. Eating hard foods can become very challenging, and if food is not chewed sufficiently, you could end up with indigestion.
  • Damage to the remaining teeth – A missing tooth will cause the adjacent teeth to shift towards the empty space. The movement of the teeth will affect the way you bite, and your teeth could become chipped or worn down.
  • Gum disease – Teeth will be difficult to clean when they are moved from their original position. Insufficient cleaning of teeth could result in tooth decay, gum disease, and more lost teeth.
  • Premature aging – Your jawbone will begin to shrink without all of the teeth in place, and your facial muscles will sag. This results in sunken cheeks and a receding jaw. The changes in your face will make you look a lot older than you actually are.
  • Chronic headaches – You could end up with chronic headaches when your bite does not fit together properly.
  • Loss of confidence – Having missing teeth, particularly front teeth, is embarrassing. You may lose some of your self-confidence and be reticent to smile because you do not want to display the gaps in your teeth. Missing teeth could even begin to affect your personality.

A lost tooth should be replaced within a period of three months in order to prevent serious repercussions. If you wait too long, your jawbone could shrink and corrections could become very difficult.

A dental implant is considered to be the best option for a missing tooth. If you have a missing tooth and live in Davis County, see your prosthodontist at Layton Implants for treatment recommendations.