June is National Safety Month and a great reminder to be safe in the workplace. Injuries to backs, limbs, and eyes are common in the workplace, but tooth injuries can occur as well.

Protect your smile

(Pixabay / Kjerstin_Michaela)

Most people invest a lot of time and energy into their teeth—brushing and flossing them and seeing a dentist regularly. That’s all the more reason to protect our teeth as the valuable investments that they are. As your leading prosthodontist in Ogden, our office recommends a combination of caution, preventive measures, and a lot of common sense to protect your pearly whites while on the job. Accidents could result in a missing tooth, which will require a lot of time and money to fix.

Teeth injuries are not among the most common occupational mishaps, but they certainly occur, especially in conjunction with falls. Certain jobs are more prone to teeth injuries than others. Many professional athletes, especially in contact sports, have a high risk of injuring their teeth. Flailing arms and elbows in the game could catch an athlete square in the mouth. The impact of athletic tools, such as sticks, balls, pucks, and others can chip or completely knock out a tooth or two. There is always a risk of dental mishaps to workers in industries where moving parts are present. In these settings, it’s imperative to wear protection, such as mouth guards.

Even if you don’t work in a high-risk environment, you can still hurt your teeth while eating—particularly dense or chewy foods. You could pull out fillings or damage crowns or bridges. Chewing hard foods, such as candies and nuts, can chip or break your teeth, especially if your teeth are already weak. A little caution today can keep your smile intact for a lifetime.