Farmington Dental Implants and Periodontics

Just minutes from Farmington, Dr. Reve W. Chaston’s Layton Implants is proud to serve the dental implant and periodontal needs of the citizens of Farmington. Dr. Chaston has an office in Layton just seven miles from Farmington. He also has a clinic in Bountiful that is six miles from the city of Farmington. With Farmington’s central location, patients can call for appointments for Farmington missing teeth at either location.

Farmington hosts a number of hot spots for visitors. Farmington is host to the famous Lagoon amusement park. The city was ranked 12th by Money magazine on its “Best Places to Live” list in 2011.

Station Park is the new go-to spot for shopping, dining, and other activities in Farmington. It includes retail stores, chic eateries, movie houses, water fountains, and a playground for kids.

Dr. Reve W. Chaston’s Layton Implants and Periodontics is proud to serve the populations of Farmington, neighboring cities like Kaysville, and other surrounding areas in Davis County. Our clinic addresses the following dental health needs:

We are thankful for the opportunity to help with a missing tooth and replace teeth in Farmington and look forward to an ongoing relationship with the community for many years to come.